Ministry Of Film Ltd

About MOF

Our Objective

MOF is accurate and impartial, with our films reflecting the range, quality and diversity of society. We strive for creative excellence and originality while remaining accountable.

Our Reliability

Our team of broadcast professionals are all experienced at serving the public interest. We will not fall back on obvious or easy answers, seeking to find creative solutions to complex tasks.

Our Obligation

MOF aims to serve society as a whole, catering for people of any age, belief, colour, race, ability, sexuality or gender, to explore the richness and unexpected dimensions of reality.

Our Services

Corporate videos and commercials

MOF’s team has ample experience in creating original, striking advertisements for television as well as in filming powerful corporate videos. We enjoy meeting clients from corporate backgrounds, and seek to serve their best interests by offering unique audio-visual solutions for a range of business needs.


Our team have enjoyed working to the highest standards in broadcast television, across a range of programme-making. MOF seeks to produce rich and resonant documentaries, current affairs, drama, comedy and features for television, reflecting the diversity of the nation and the world beyond it.


MOF’s team endeavour to produce cinematic shorts, feature-length films and animations that are both critically acclaimed and commercially successful. With a wealth of experience in working alongside celebrities as well as upcoming talent, MOF seeks to explore narratives from diverse backgrounds.