Ministry Of Film



ACCORDING TO OXFORD DICTIONARY: involving the use of the imagination or original ideas in order to create something.

ACCORDING TO MINISTRY OF FILM: that quality in a film, television programme or video which strikes suddenly against the viewer’s indifference and enlivens their mind to receive a message

Mo the Grass - pilot scene

This pilot scene illustrates the world of the forthcoming comedy feature film, 'Mo the Grass', showing the police interrogation where the hapless Mo meets DCI Barclay at Gatwick Airport.

Thriller Short Film

The above link plays ‘Disorder’, a critically acclaimed short psychological thriller produced, written and directed by Azeem Khan, founder of Ministry of Film.

Drama Short Film

Winner ‘Best Film’ prize at Buffalo-San Film Festival, Ritzy Cinema, London, starring the late BAFTA nominee Saeed Jaffrey OBE and upcoming star Valmike Rampersad. Written, produced and directed by Azeem Khan.

Television Documentary

Soft Target is Azeem Khan's first TV documentary, for ITV. This followed the unlikely and courageous gig of Jeff Mirza, then Britain’s only Asian standup comic, at the hands of a rowdy Essex crowd at the Circus Tavern.

Television Commercial

The TV commercial for "Pepsi Squeezer Bottle" was Azeem Khan's first professional film, produced for OGILVY & MATHER. This TV commercial was boosted by the help of primary school children in Karachi.

Music Promo Video

Music promo video by Azeem Khan for Yusuf's first musical release in 19 years, in 1995, "TALA AL BADRU ALEYNA" (the white moon rose over us), a traditional Arabic Muslim song. Screened on MTV and GMTV.

Improvised Drama

'Come to Nothing' is a short comedy-drama exploring the highs and lows of an exam result, using improvisation, starring Sanjit Sil, Sophie Walton and the late Abdul Aleem Khan.


Watching the English

A micro-budget independent romantic thriller, 'Watching the English' is set in modern day London. Asif, a Pakistani who is young, naive, middle class & on his first trip to the West, has a steamy affair with Kate, an eccentric and beautiful Englishwoman, but gets more than he bargained for, as heartache, deception and murder result.

'Hidden Colours' feature film drama

'Hidden Colours' is a searing, controversial and visually poetic drama about bi polar disorder. But is the world ready for this film? Azeem Khan and Louisa Juckes, in conjuction with Executive Producer Farrukh Dhondy, are working in tandem with Dr Liam Mason, a leading medical expert on bi polar, to realise this exciting script for the big screen. The budget is £1.5m. Funding from the Wellcome Trust will be applied for.

Mo the Grass

Azeem Khan's debut feature film, an original and timely comedy about British Muslims. Think 'Four Lions' meets 'Johnny English'. British-Asian actor Akbar Kurtha (Mars, My Son the Fanatic, Syriana) is attached for the lead role of Mo. The screenplay is complete. Mo the Grass has a budget of £1.2m. Executive Producer Farrukh Dhondy and Producer/Director Azeem Khan are in the process of raising private equity finance for the film, along with Producer Louisa Juckes. Music content for 'Mo the Grass' will be provided by Furry Records UK.